Monasteries in Coorg

Coorg, a popular tourist destination is known for its vast expanse of coffee plantations and scenic beauty. Travelers can look forward to spending a relaxed vacation exploring and taking in the beauty of Coorg. Misty hills, lush forests and breath-taking waterfalls are some of the few things Coorg has to offer. However, another place of interest that shouldn’t be missed by any tourists are the historical monasteries that exudes rich Tibetan culture. The formation of mini Tibet in Coorg cropped up when Tibetans were forced to leave their motherland after the Chinese took over. As a result, they came down to Coorg as refugees to seek asylum. 
The serene atmosphere and stunning architecture of the monasteries is sure to leave you awestruck. The vision of Buddhist monks doing religious rituals and offering prayers is a captivating sight to behold.

The Golden Temple : 
One such stunning Buddhist monastery situated near the twin town of kushalnagar in Bylakuppe is the Golden Temple or Namdrolin…
Everything You Need To Know About Coorg Festivals
When we talk about festivals, a lot of names start flowing into our minds. But the Kodavas choose to celebrate only three festivals with great devotion and spirit. People of Coorg spend their entire year waiting for the most joyous months i.e., September, October and December. 

Coorg is known as the Scotland of India for its beauty, but its festivity is nonetheless. People celebrate these three sacred festivals very prominently. What stands out is the reason of their celebration. Each of their festivals are dedicated to nature. Out of the three, two festivals are celebrated for farming and one for River Kaveri. Here's a detailed information about their festivals:
Kailpodh :

Kailpodh is a harvest festival celebrated by Kodavas that indicates an end to the sowing season of the year. This festival is celebrated on the third of September every year. After kodavas have completed their hard work in ploughing, sowing and transplanting rice, t…
The Astounding Land of Beauty Where Hockey Flourishes

Kodagu is a district in the state of Karnataka. Located amidst the rugged hills, vast stretches of aromatic coffee plantations, pristine weather, luxuriant vegetation, and rich cultural background - Coorg also called as Kodagu has more to offer and make us feel proud about than we can imagine. The Kodavas, locals of this enchanting land are known for their love for hockey.

In the middle of the coffee plantations, the Kodavas unite every year around mid-summer to celebrate their passion and zeal for hockey. Very few people are aware of the fact that Kodava’s organize the largest field hockey tournament of the world. It has been going on for generations and several legendary players have represented India in International platforms from this part of Karnataka.

It is a spectacular affair where several hockey enthusiasts celebrate their love for hockey and fight for the honor and pride that is at stake.

As many as 3000 players enroll thems…
The beauty and boons of organic farmingThe beauty of nature is more than it meets the eye. Every life form depends on it for their survival. And, organic farming is a technique where one works with nature to produce a variety of agricultural goods rather than destroying it for monetary gains. 

This particular form of farming strictly prohibits the use of pesticides, insecticides, and other chemical fertilizers that can deteriorate the quality of the soil, organism, food products, and the environment in whole. 

Eco-balanced farming works with a whole new philosophy, the farmers tend to the natural needs of the land and harvest its fruits all the while maintaining a harmonious relationship with Mother Earth.

Why is it necessary to choose the path of organic farming?

A soil that is brimming with organic matter, reduces the cost of irrigation and enhances the productivity.Organic farming uses absolutely no pesticides and herbicides, all of this works wonders for the endangered and rare plant …
15 Reasons Why Visiting Coorg Should Be On Your Bucket List

Located in the Southern region of Karnataka, Coorg finds its place amidst the tranquillity of the hills, valleys, and vegetation. Cradled right into Mother Earth’s lap, the breath-taking natural beauty has earned Coorg the nickname “Scotland of India”. 
Be it the lush green mountains, the high altitudes, or the delectable smell of coffee in the air, this hill station continues to be popular for many reasons and you should be here to cherish them. 
Keeping aside the geomorphic and the international acclamation that Western Ghats enjoy there's more to them. This chain of mountains stands tall and proud, protecting the unspoilt charisma of Coorg on all sides. Their presence enhances the beauty of this place and provides shelter to several flora and fauna. 
It is hard to verbally describe the significance of the Western Ghats and their impact on the weather. The magnificence of the Western Ghats is the jewel on the crown of Coor…
A Thrilling Trip Into The Wild

It won't be wrong to describe Coorg as the paradise of South India. One can finally escape from the city life insanity and de-stress here. With beauty on all its side, Coorg has more to offer than one can ever imagine. 
If you are looking for a vacation that has the blend of adventure and rejuvenation in it, then you have to come down to Coorg. You can be a part of a number of activities while you enjoy your stay amidst nature.
Venture out into the jungles of Coorg - The jungles of Coorg are renowned for their wildlife. It is a house for a variety of plant species and protects the animals that reside in it. Being in the jungle can give you the chills. 
The adventure that you will be surrounded with is beyond any doubt the best. Jungle Safari is a beautiful blend of Jeep Safari and the thrill that lies in every nook and corner of the jungle.
Nestled between the majestic mountains and captivating landscapes, Coorg is the place for every nature and adventure…

Little Heaven In Coorg

Coorg or should we call it by its official name Kodagu? It happens to be one of the most appealing land in the whole of India. The magnetic charm of Coorg will captivate any soul that loves nature at its best. Smell the strong, delectable aroma of coffee in the air as you witness the beauty of the Western Ghats. This small hill station in Karnataka can't be overlooked. If you want to relax, unwind, and calm your senses, then Coorg is the place for you. It happens to be the paradise one would love to spend their days and nights in. If you are tired of the busy city life, then it is time to escape into the natural beauty of Coorg.
Wondering what to do when you are here? Camp under the beauty of the night sky or experience the thrill and adventure that River Rafting offers. You can venture out into the jungles, go on a jeep safari to check out the wild life in their natural habitat. If you wish to feel connected with the pristine and picturesque beauty of the untamed wild then now i…